Making Democracy Work

Seize the Day!

"Democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth." ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Together we worked it at the 2018 General Assembly! Now let's track that advocacy work.

Did you flex your advocacy muscles during the 2018 General Assembly? Did you call VA Delegates and/or Senators and ask them to end gerrymandering, expand Medicaid, fund Metro, pass campaign finance reform, amend the Dominion bill, pass the ERA resolution, or something else that gets your passions burning? Then let us know by adding your work to the advocacy tracker! Help us win a challenge, which will help bring funding to our voter education and outreach programs (think: high school voter registration, Voter Guides,, apartment voter registration, and more!). Visit our Google sheet and log your activism! It's that easy.

Together we can do this, Falls Church! Here's what we need from you:

shareable Google Spreadsheet link. Fill in the entries (the form will automatically save).

Together we can elevate the power of the League and the importance of Virginia's representative democracy. Let's do this!

National ACTION You can do in a couple clicks!

Imagine if every citizen was automatically registered to vote. Let's wok together to reduce the burdens to participating in our government!

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