Making Democracy Work

Seize the Day!

"Democracy transformed from thin paper to thick action is the greatest form of government on earth." ― Martin Luther King Jr.

The General Assembly Wants to Hear from You and We Want to Win some Cash!

The General Assembly (GA) is in session and as expected it is a 60-sprint! To elevate our impact work, League of Women Voters of Virginia (LWV-VA) is hosting a 'Challenge' to get League members even more excited about engaging on issues that matter. The LWV-VA Board has set aside $1,000 for "prize" money, with prizes set as $700 for the local League that has the most advocacy contacts based on percentage of membership throughout the Virginia legislative session. Second "prize" will be $200 and third prize will be $100.

Together we can do this, Falls Church! Here's what we need from you:

1. Meet with, talk with, write to, or show up at an event that any State Delegate or State Senator will be at.


Email Elected Leaders Del. Simon: & Sen. Saslaw: For others, visit

Write a Postcard and hand deliver it in Richmond or mail it--'Sips & Civility' on January 31 is our next postcard advocacy meet-up (website's calendar for more information). Join us and do your advocacy work with friends.

Go to a Town hall: Jan. 20 & Jan. 27--check the calendar for details

Respond to a LWV-VA Action Alert: State Updates

Phone Your Elected Leaders: Del. Simon: (804) 698-1053 & Senator Saslaw: (804) 698-7535. For others, visit

Go to one (or more!) of the League's Legislative Roundtables (every Wednesday morning in Richmond at 8:30 am)

Participate in League Day--Feb. 7th (training the evening of Feb. 6th)

  • If you're are stumped about what to advocate for, tell the elected leader you want to see an end to gerrymandering, you want fair maps in Virginia, you want public financing for campaigns so that normal people can participate in politics, and you want early voting and automatic voter registration. You got this!

2. Open (And bookmark!) the shareable Google Spreadsheet link. Fill in the entries (the form will automatically save).

3. Repeat steps one and two! 😀

If you have questions or need more information about contacting your elected leaders or filling in the Google spreadsheet, contact our Falls Church volunteer coordinator --

To learn more about bills in the GA, visit and/or LIS

To find other state GA leaders, visit Who's My Legislator.

Together we can elevate the power of the League and the importance of Virginia's representative democracy. Let's do this!

National ACTION You can do in a couple clicks!

Imagine if every citizen was automatically registered to vote. Let's wok together to reduce the burdens to participating in our government!

Sign our national Action Alert here!

We have tools for you! Make democracy work!

Want to do more for democracy and for voters? We have a resource to help you get started! Download and send a 'letter to the editor' to your local newspaper right here. Super quick and super easy!

Want to talk to friends and neighbors about what the Election Integrity Commission means to voter suppression efforts? We have talking points to help you.