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Election Q&A

Election Q&A

Your go-to voter list

Your go-to voter list

When is the next election?

The General Election is November 6th. Learn about the candidates on

How many days before the election do I have to get registered to vote?

21 days! The last day to register to vote or to update your voter information is October 15th for the General Election.

How do I know if I'm registered to vote?

Go to to check your registration status.

What photo identification do I need to register to vote?

None! But it helps to have a drivers license. If you have a drivers license or drivers permit, you can register to vote right now, online! will get you started!

What if I am 17 years old? May I register to vote?

Yes! Register to vote if you will be 18 by the next General Election. Great news: you can vote in the Primary Election, if you are 17 years old will be 18 years old by the General Election!

I moved. Do I need to register again?

You need to update your registration status. Go (click here) to the Virginia Election page to update your info.

I work long hours and have to commute so I might not make it in time to vote. May I vote absentee?

Yes! If you will be out of Falls Church (or the town/county you are registered in) on Election Day, you may apply for an absentee ballot. You can do that here!

May I sign up for in-person absentee voting? How do I sign up and where do I go?

Everything you need to know about absentee voting is on the Virginia Elections website (here). In-person absentee voting in Falls Church City happens at the Registrar's office, which is in a temporary location due to construction of City Hall. To vote in-person absentee and to meet the people who work in the registrar's office, go to 400 N. Washington, 3rd floor, Falls Church. Check out their website for more information, including election information and dates.

I don't know where to vote on Election Day?

Visit to find out where to go.

I won't recognize the candidates' names on my ballot? Where do I learn about who they are and who will best represent me?

Visit to find out who is running for elected office. You can build your ballot on this go-to voter tool!

The League of Women Voters asked all of the candidates questions so that you can compare their answers. If there are no answers from a candidate on, then the candidate didn't answer our questions. Visit their websites (google them) and email and tweet them to ask that they answer the League's VOTE411 questions. This one-stop voter tool is used all over the country; therefore, we need every candidate participating so that every voter can make an informed vote!

  • *The League of Women Voters will not tell you who or what party to vote for. We ask the questions, you compare the candidates' answers. Your vote is your voice!

What photo identification do I need to vote? And do I need a voter registration card?

Here's the list of acceptable ID--

Virginia driver's license (expiration not more than one year)

Virginia DMV-issued photo ID

United States passport

Employer-issued photo ID

Student photo ID issued by a school, college, or university located in Virginia

Other U.S. or Virginia government-issued photo ID

Tribal enrollment or other tribal photo ID

Virginia Voter Photo ID card

If you do not have any of the above identifications, the registrar will make one for you and Election Day, for FREE! Go to 400 N. Washington on the 3rd floor in Falls Church.

And no you don't need a voter registration card. If you received a registration card after registering to vote, that was just a notice from the state letting you know your registration was accepted. Your registration card is not proof that you are eligible to vote. You must have photo identification.