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Thank You to our Sponsors & Expert Panelists for a Successful Event!

Giving Thanks!

Thank you to our three fabulous expert panelists who shared their experience and knowledge with us at the Pay2Play film event on March 19th: Ivy Main, Viveca Novak, and Delegate Marcus Simon.

Ivy Main is a lawyer and writer who serves as the Renewable Energy Chair for the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club. Many of her posts tackle the intersection of money and politics, particularly as it relates to the energy sector and impacts our ability to move from fossil fuels to clean energy.

Viveca Novak is the Editorial and Communications Director at the 
Center for Responsive Politics, the only independent nonprofit organized to follow all of the money spent to influence federal elections and the policies that have an impact on American lives.

Delegate Marcus Simon represents Falls Church City in the Virginia General Assembly.

Also THANK YOU to our sponsors -- Young Group and Baskin, Jackson & Lasso, P.C. --, to the students who helped with technology support -- Victoria and Johannah, and to League members and supporters who purchased tickets! We could not have done this educational event without your generosity and support! Thank you!

About the film we saw on March 19th: Pay 2 Play follows film maker John Ennis's quest to find a way out from under the Pay 2 Play System, defined by Ennis as the cycle through which politicians reward their donors with even larger sums from the federal treasury--through contracts, jobs, tax cuts and deregulation. Ennis has recognized that by Election Day, so much has already happened to decide which candidates are on the ballot, the result is surprisingly undemocratic. The film features interviews with Robert Reich, Lawrence Lessig, Marianne Williamson, Jack Abramoff, Bob Edgar and many more.

To learn more about the film, check out their website