Making Democracy Work

Voter Education

We make voting easier through varied voter education programs.

The League of Women Voters Education Fund conducts voter service and citizen education activities. It is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, public policy educational organization, which:

  • Builds citizen participation in the democratic process.

  • Studies key community issues in an unbiased manner at all government levels.

  • Enables people to seek positive solutions to public policy issues through education and conflict management.

Donations to the Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) corporation, are fully tax-deductible where allowed by law.
Stay Tuned as We Update this Section to Reflect the 2020 Census and 2021 Redistricting.

Archive Information from 2011: The League has produced an information sheet on what the census and redistricting mean for Falls Church, the return of the Falls Church City Council and School Board election to May 2012, and the dates for upcoming elections through 2012. Please click here to view and download the sheet.

Primary Election Needs You!

Volunteers needed on June 13th (Primary Day): We want to have the League visible on Tuesday, June 13th at each of the three voting locations in Falls Church City. If you are willing to volunteer an hour or two of your time to hand out a flyer (which describes what's on the November ballot and how voters can get further information about voting procedures and candidates) and thank people for coming to vote, please contact either one of our Voter Services' co-chairs, Kathy Thompson ( or Martha Cooper (, telling them what time you'd like to be scheduled and what voting ward you'd like to cover (Thomas Jefferson School, Oakwood Apartments, or the Community Center).