Making Democracy Work

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We're here to help! Contact us for voter information and advocacy. And, we'd love to hear about how you want to get involved!

How to Contact Us

Telephone: 510-812-6410

Mail: League of Women Voters of Falls Church
P.O Box 156
Falls Church, VA 22040

Email: [email the League] (general info/questions)

Or contact one of the people below:

Management Team Martha Cooper [send email]
Management Team Wendy Frieman [send email]
Management Team Linda Garvelink [send email]
Management Team Judy Parente [send email]
Voter Service Martha Cooper [send email]
Voter Service Kathy Thompson [send email]
Membership Judy Parente [send email]
Membership Marty Maher [send email]
Webmaster Amy Hjerstedt [send email]
Information Edith Holmes Snyder [send email]
Newsletter Editor Mona Johnston [send email]

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